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April 12, 2012

Clerkships in the Courts

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What jobs are available in the courts?
What can a clerkship do for me?
Where are the clerkship jobs?
Why would I want to clerk?
Whom do I need to know?
Do I need Law Review?
When can I apply?

Guest Panelists:

William Hochul ’84, United States Attorney, WDNY (Buffalo, NY) (Former Law Clerk, Maryland Court of Appeals)

Paul McGrath ’85, Chief Court Attorney NYS Court of Appeals (Albany, NY)

Craig Peterson ’76, Chief Appellate Court Attorney, NYS Supreme Court Appellate Division, Fourth Department (Rochester, NY)

Patrick Reinkainen ’12, Law Clerk to the Hon. Thomas Griesa, US District Court, SDNY (New York, NY)
Chelsea Selby ’10, Law Clerk to the Hon. David Hurd, US District Court for the Northern District of New York (Utica, NY)

Monica Wallace ’94, SUNY Buffalo Law (Former Law Clerk to Hon. Richard Arcara, US District Court, WDNY; former Staff Attorney, US Court of Appeals, Second Circuit)


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